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House Keeping

Rooms are generally serviced between 11.00 am and 12.30 pm.. Please display the appropriate sign on your door to enable us to see whether you require your room to be serviced or not.,i.e "Room free for service" or "Do not disturb", however we reserve the right to enter the room if necessary even if you have requested it not to be serviced. 

Car Park

The car park is available free of charge for guests, however we have no control over parking spaces. We strongly advise not leaving valuables in the car. We cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property or vehicles during your stay, however so caused. Please ensure you park courteously within the lines to ensure other guests can park.


We reserve the right to charge in full for a replacement, repair or cleaning costs of any item(s) belonging to or being part of Mount Edgcombe Guest House, whether deliberate or accidental, should reasonable precautions not have been taken, again no additional authority is required to charge your card.

Lost Keys

Upon arrival you will be issued with a room key and fob to access the front door, you are responsible for the safe keeping of the key and fob during your stay. In the event the key and or fob are lost, a charge of £75 will be made to your card with no additional authority being necessary. The key is to be left with us on the day of departure.

Termination of Contract

The proprietors reserve the right to terminate a contract with any guest who in our opinion behaves unreasonable or causes detriment to the wellbeing of other guests. In any event no refund will be given.

Unregistered Guests

Any guests not registered and staying at Mount Edgcombe are required to sign the visitor’s book on arrival and departure. Any visitors are required to leave the premises by 10pm, in the event of failing to do so. The management reserve the right to charge a fee of £50 to your card with no additional authority being required. Only guests staying here will be able to book to dine or use the bar.

Children & Pets

Please note that we are unable to accommodate children under the age of 12. We do not accept any pets, except registered guide/ assistance dogs.
Children under the age of 16 may not be left alone in rooms


Mount Edgcombe has a fully licensed bar for the use of resident guests, we ask that guests drink responsibly and consider others, should their behaviour become unreasonable, we reserve the right to stop serving them and in extreme cases they and their party will be asked to leave, with no refund will be payable. All bar tabs are to be settled prior to departure, failure will result in your card being charged with no additional authority being required. The dates and opening hours are subject to availability and will vary.

Personal Effects/ Left Property

All guests are required to ensure the safe keeping of their possessions during their stay. Rooms will be serviced daily and we request that items are stored to enable cleaning to be completed. We do not accept any liability for any items which are lost or broken during the duration of your stay. Any left property will be disposed of within 1 month, if you have left any items with us and require these to be returned to you, you will be responsible for the postage costs, these costs will be advised and are payable prior to the item being sent.


All prices are correct at the time of publication and include the current rate of VAT,  prices may change without warning or notice. 

Guest Safety & Security & Privacy

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